Orthodontic treatments at our Dental Home office in North Charleston, SC, can have a tremendous impact on our patient's overall quality of life. We understand the value of helping to prevent the need for invasive dental work in the future by addressing common risk factors early.

Spacers for Children

Dentists call children's teeth primary or deciduous teeth. Primary teeth can be lost too early for several reasons: through injury, decay, or a medical condition that has lead to early tooth loss. At Dental Home, our experienced doctor will use spacers to keep the space of a missing tooth open until the permanent tooth is ready to come in. Space maintainers are composed of stainless steel and/or plastic. They can be removed. Some maintainers are cemented onto the teeth on either side of the space in the child's mouth. This procedure is called a fixed space maintainer. A removable space maintainer looks like a retainer.


After a patient completes their orthodontic treatment a retainer is necessary to ensure their teeth remain in their ideal position. It takes time for your teeth to adjust into their new spot, and a retainer will help prevent your teeth from shifting. Some retainers may be removable. Others can be fixed or bonded behind your teeth. Teeth are like the rest of the body in that they have a tendency to change. Once you stop wearing the retainer, slight changes to the teeth could happen.

Pediatric Phase 1 Orthodontics

At Dental Home in North Charleston, pediatric orthodontics and Phase I intervention treatments are tailored especially for the growth and needs of our young patients. A few examples of Phase 1 Intervention treatment includes:

  • Correcting any issue that could be causing problems with the growth and development of your child’s permanent teeth, such as thumb sucking or tongue pushing.
  • Helping to improve your child’s oral health care routines and habits.
  • Guiding your child’s permanent teeth into a more advantageous position.
  • The reduction of any damage to their teeth that may be protruding.
  • Reducing and preventing future invasive orthodontic or dental treatments.

Orthodontic consultations for pediatric and teenage patients are always our top priority at Dental Home in North Charleston, SC. Call (843) 584-7111 for an appointment today!

Our Happy Patients

"Super amazing staff! What a great visit. I highly recommend to others. The hygienist Nikki, the receptionist Mary, and especially the office manager Lana were all so accommodating and friendly. So glad I choose to come here. If you need a new dentist or just want a great place to go, check them out."

Shannon G. Shannon G.

"Awesome dentist. The Dr. was wonderful and Very thorough in her exam. Price and location is great."

Michael N. Michael N.

"The doctors, nurses and respectionist were very knowledgeable and kind. The doctor explained before and during the procedure what he was going to do. The dental assistance was a great. She was right there to clean my mouth in between and when I was done. I highly recommend them."

Donna C. Donna C.
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