Complete Checkups and Cleanings

At Dental Home in North Charleston, South Carolina, we strongly believe that teeth cleanings are extremely important for good, overall dental health. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with personalized service and top-quality care designed to restore, enhance, and preserve the natural beauty of your smile.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

At Dental Home, our highly qualified dental hygienist will perform your professional dental cleaning on your first visit. Your treatment will include the following: scraping off plaque and tartar that collects above and below the gum line before flossing between & around every tooth to remove any plaque or food particles that are clinging on. A tooth polisher will get rid of any plaque/tartar that was previously missed and will make your teeth smoother so that residue will not collect on your teeth between visits to the dentist.

Oral Cancer Screening

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it is highly recommended that an oral cancer screening is completed during your first dental visit. At Dental Home, the examination is performed at our office by our highly qualified dentist who will look in your mouth for signs of any cancer or precancerous conditions. Early detection of abnormalities that develop in the tissues of your lips, mouth, and throat is essential in preventing severe health issues from developing, such as oral cancer and other oral diseases. During your exam, you will be asked questions regarding any changes in your medical history and whether you are experiencing any new or unusual symptoms.

Digital X-Rays

Using Digital X-rays, our professional staff at Dental Home can get an accurate picture of your teeth without exposing you to unnecessary radiation. The images are readily available and transferred to a computer screen where the dentist can show you just what’s going on inside your mouth. Digital x-rays are a safer, faster, and a more effective method of radiography, and because the images are digital, it’s more environmentally friendly.

If a long time has passed since your last visit to a dentist, call Dental Home in North Charleston, SC at (843) 584-7111 and make an appointment. It’s never too late to have healthy teeth!

Our Happy Patients

"Super amazing staff! What a great visit. I highly recommend to others. The hygienist Nikki, the receptionist Mary, and especially the office manager Lana were all so accommodating and friendly. So glad I choose to come here. If you need a new dentist or just want a great place to go, check them out."

Shannon G. Shannon G.

"Awesome dentist. The Dr. was wonderful and Very thorough in her exam. Price and location is great."

Michael N. Michael N.

"The doctors, nurses and respectionist were very knowledgeable and kind. The doctor explained before and during the procedure what he was going to do. The dental assistance was a great. She was right there to clean my mouth in between and when I was done. I highly recommend them."

Donna C. Donna C.
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